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Our private investigators & licensed detectives have extensive experience in all types of investigations for insurance fraud siu, attorneys, businesses, & private individuals throughout Connecticut, US, and in a foreign countries. Whatever your investigative needs, we will get it done.

All of our investigations are handled by a licensed, bonded, and insured private investigator. As always your case will be performed discreetly and completely confidential.

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People Finder | People Search
Locating and finding people is our job!

Would you like to reconnect with loved ones, find old friends, old classmates, missing person. Obtain current addresses and phone numbers, address verification, background check, criminal history, and more!

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Cheating | Infidelity | Adultery

Is your partner cheating?

SIS provides services to those who believe that their lover or partners may be cheating. Do you need proof we guarantee results and trust us you will not be disappointed with our your results. Every case is always handled professionally, discreetly & confidential.

Workers’ Comp | Insurance Fraud

Specializing in investigations insurance fraud and false insurance claims.

Trained investigators will shadow the claimant and obtain evidence of if in fact committing fraud. We work one on one with each client to ensure that every piece of evidence is properly obtained and documented.

Due Diligence | Investigations
Are you thinking about entering a business relationship or considering litigation?

Thinking about entering a business relationship considering litigation? Do you need to ensure that the prospective partner or plaintiff has the capabilities, requisite stability, necessary to sustain a contract or for the enforcement of… judgments

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Our online Tracking System

Our| Guarantee

Employee Integrity | Investigations

Investigations involving employee integrity issues.

Involving a wide range of violations from time, attendance, fraud, drug use, theft, misuse of property or funds, conflicts of interest, ethics violations, and other prohibited personnel actions.

Rent a Tracker |Real-Time GPS
Do you need to track someone?

Take out the guess work…if you want to know where they are or where they go.

Our top of the line GPS tracker update locations every 5 seconds and we Guarantee 100% satisfaction!

We have long term and short term rental agreements. You can  also  rent one of our real time tracker in conjunction with a physical surveillance.

While utilizing our tracker in conjunction with a physical surveillance we have had a 100% success rate gathering information and documenting physical evidence.

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Custom Built Nanny Cams| Own or Rent
We build hidden camera systems offers the Highest Professional Grade of “Custom Built” surveillance equipment to Residential, Commercial, Government, and law enforcement agencies.  Wireless, wifi, and Wired self-recording covert Spy cameras, also known as Nanny Cams. The newest H.264 all in one motion activated surveillance systems are utilized. These units have a built in micro SD DVR with motion activation. Only the best of the best goes into these custom built items.

Our systems have been used in Nursing Homes. Families who have loved ones in long-term care facilities…are you finding bruises on your loved ones or feel they are being abused? We have the perfect system for you. Your feeling usually are right get the proof you need. We have the answer to your concerns.

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